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The Vitaortus Series

Vitaortus (L. Life-Source) is a Fusion-Fiction series that combines light fun and dark themes to grow a lush tale. Various genres and vampire mythologies are grafted onto a mix of conservation, consumption, religio-political intrigue, spirituality, sexuality, love, honor, duty, and self-examination. With splashes of mystery, romance, and humor, it vines towards a very worrisome possible fate for humanity--and all other species.

If you don’t believe in Vampires, then you clearly haven’t been to Washington DC!


Vitaortus Book 1 Cover ebook.jpg

Vitaortus Book One

Devi is a specially gifted horticulturist whose quiet world is disturbed by mysterious beings attracted to her unique talents. They have big plans for Devi, and introduce her to a very special vine — the Vitaortus.Set against the sinister backdrop of Washington DC, and the world beyond, Vitaortus: Book One is the beginning of a tale that has a countdown to potential extinction! Only Devi can save Alec, her beguiling, self-proclaimed facilitator and protector. Unknown to Alec and his brethren, only his kind will be able to save their food source – human beings. But first, they have to save themselves – which could prove to be dangerous work for Devi and her special partner, The Vitaortus. She must help her new sanguinarian friends without becoming exsanguinated herself!If you don’t believe in Vampires, then you clearly haven’t been to Washington DC!
Vitaortus Book 2 Cover ebook.jpg
Vitaortus Book Two

This supernatural fusion tale twists and twines along as Devi Trevathan, the world's only Prime Channel (and herb-growing, immortal horticulturist), comes to grips with her critical new role.Nefarious forces and dueling romantic distractions vine around her, causing plenty of trouble and strife. New revelations about the tricky vampires she helps sheds light on their ancient mysterious ways as well as the special relationships with their human ‘bonded’. Can Lord Alec Gregory, Devi’s 'Champion' and facilitator, keep her safe and on track after horrifying events? And what of the magical wild card, Demetrios? Can the strange new friends Devi makes along the way help save them all from the looming mysterious apocalyptic plans of 'The Brotherhood'? From Washington DC, to New Orleans, to Crete, Devi and The Vitaortus are in for a tasty, tangled, dangerous ride!

Vitaortus Book 3 Cover ebook - Copy.jpg
Vitaortus Book Three

After the shape-shifting violence of the night of the Brumalia in Vitaortus Book Two, Devi Trevathan, Prime Channel, has trouble forgiving her new sanguinivorous friends. She refuses to speak to her Champion, Lord Alexander Gregory, but there is a price to pay. The Vitaortus now have a mysterious disease which threatens the plants’ survival. Meanwhile, bizarre happenings are spreading out from remote Pacific islands which Alec and company have been investigating.Ex-CIA assassins, demons, zombies, revenants, sorcerers, spirits–and of course, new species of Vampire—all figure in Gregory finding his way back into Devi’s good graces. But the Washington DC-based religio-political group, The Brotherhood, has dire plans for her, as well as for all mankind. A supernatural wild card has joined them with a nefarious plot to wreak havoc, terror, and apocalyptic consequences. Can Devi, with help from her supernatural friends, stop it?

Vitaortus Book Four
Life appears to have become pastoral for Prime Channel Devi Trevathan, Lord Alexander Gregory, the Vitaortus, and their friends since the horrors of the attempted zombie apocalypse. But the rosy days don't last for long. Dark forces have been working to bring back the dangerous magic that caused it all in the first place. The Brotherhood is up to new sinister tricks, and trouble is brewing thanks to the power that flows in Devi's blood. She is forced to take desperate action to face a new and surprising threat that arises from Alec's ancient past. Without the time to learn magic for herself, she must enlist the help of a wild and fiery force that could be the undoing of them all.
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