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An Unusual life


Born in an army hospital and soon whisked off to a southern California life until age five, Dea and her family then  moved to Germany--a change that would have a lasting impact and forever influence her outlook. With no home town and having lived in France, England, and Australia, she came to easily understand perspectives not her own. This came in handy when writing stories, but caused a sense of 'otherness' that, during her formative teen years, attracted her to darker poets and writers like Oscar Wilde, Edgar Allen Poe, and the Graveyard poets. Discovering the Rocky Horror Picture Show cemented Dea's place in the world! But her interests were and still are diverse. Along with an insatiable curiosity, horror, dark comedy, Science Fiction, and more are still her favored genres.

Today, she works as an author and plant and animal whisperer. Her favorite place to be, other than a garden, is with fans of her fave genres at conventions where she sets up shop and even dresses up. She loves nothing better than to be visited there by her grandchildren, daughter, and son-in-law!


Dea Currently lives in the Metro area of the Nation's capital.

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